PBR Vietnam Patrol Boat

PBR Vietnam Patrol Boat
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PBR Vietnam Patrol Boat
Hull Type:
Utility Mono (V) Hull

No boat came to symbolize the Brown Water Navy in South Vietnam like the small River Patrol Boats (PBR) of Task Force 116 (T.F. 116), Code named Game Warden. The sailors who manned the PBRs often fought pitched battles with the Viet Cong (VC) and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) at ranges of mere feet.

When the Navy decided to commit river patrol forces to the inland waters of Vietnam, it found itself in need of a small fast patrol craft. The result was the PBR MK I. The boat was 31 ft long and capable of speeds approaching 25 knots. It was powered by two GM 220 Horsepower diesel engines connected by direct drive to a pair of Jacuzzi water jet propulsion pumps. the boat's armament consisted of a twin 50 Caliber machine gun mount in the forward gun tub, a single 50 Caliber machine gun on a stern mount, an M60 machine gun and a Honeywell MK 18 40mm grenade launcher mounted amid ship. In addition each boat was equipped with various small arms; M-79 grenade launcher, Shotgun, mortar, grenades and side arms. The PBR was outfitted with a Raytheon 1900 radar unit and two AN/VRC 46 radios. The PBR drew only two feet of water while at rest and about nine inches of water at full speed. Eventually there would be 250 PBRs in Vietnam.

In honor of the service men who fought on these PBR, we offer our 1:8 scale PBR. The model is a very exact replica which further it's realism by outfitting it with two of our Jet Power 3 propulsion system. We recommend either one or even 2 of our MHZ 26 Blue Line gas engines or 2 Ultra 3500M motors.

The hull is hand-laid epoxy glass, incomparable to weak ABS or heavier and less strong polyester fiberglass.

Kit Contents:
Light weight epoxy-glass (not the cheap ABS-plastic or the heavier, less strong polyester-glass) hull and Cabin, and flying bridge, with high-luster gelcoat. Hull and deck are joined "wet-in-wet".
Technical Details:
Length: 1240mm (548.8 inch)
Width: 405 mm (15.9 inch)
RC functions: Direction, Speed Control, Reverse, Mixture (with nitro propulsion)
Electric Motor Requirements: 2 x Ultra 3500M
Cell requirements: up to 2 x 30 cells sub C such as RC2400 or GP3300
Gas Engine Requirements: one or two MHZ 26